Creates Laboratories

  1. Clinical laboratory: Support SUMC
  2. Bio analytical laboratory: Medical research / Support clinical trial studies
  3. Molecular laboratory: Molecular research/ Support clinical trial studies

Bio analytical Laboratory

Bio analytical Research…

  • Providing expert bioanalysis and support to local and international pharma companies keen on next generation drug discoveries
  • CREATES was born out of bioanalytical research and it remains one of our key strengths. With a strong commitment to pioneering in bioanalytics for clinical studies, we are pleased to support projects involving the development of the next generation of drug molecules, compounds and assays.
  • Our team has strong academic and pharmaceutical industry ties that have been leveraged to facilitate and drive clinical research since CREATES’ foundation
  • We initiate and lead research teams particularly in malaria, cardiovascular and other non-communicable diseases
  • We work closely with several large pharma and research organizations as research team members
  • We regularly sponsor graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral students in our facilities

 Bioanalysis for clinical trials

  • We provide laboratory services for the measurement of durgs and or their metabolites using chromatographic techniques with advanced analytical instrumentation
  • Under the supervision of experienced study directors, our team has considerable experience in assay method development, design of protocols and writing databases for clinical trial partners
  • Pharmacokinetic/ pharmacodynamics modelling in studies designed for dosing regimen optimization
  • Our comprehensive service include screening out unsuitable volunteers for clinical trials, validating analytical methods (in-house or published) and detailed statistical analysis of collected data, progressive and final reporting

Pharmaceutical analysis

  • Expert pharmaceutical analysis to audit the quality of drugs, consistency of production and to detect counterfeit drugs
  • Whether to validate n-house assay methods, provide an external QA/QC check on production, check levels of active pharmaceutical ingredients or support counterfeit investigations, we offer pharmaceutical companies additional capacity for projects of overspill work

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

  • Measurement of drug concentrations as a guide to optimizing dose regimens.

Ensuring that patients are taking the most effective dose of a drug is key to any drug treatment plan.

  • We develop and validate assays used in the measurement of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and where applicable, metabolites that have therapeutic effect or affect key parameters of excretion
  • We offer validated assays supported by participation in external proficiency testing programs for a variety of drugs including antimalarial, antibiotics and cardiac drugs

Proficiency Testing Programme

  • Continuous assessment of laboratory’s ability to carry out drug analysis and resolve potential problem areas that may impair the quality of data output is mandatory
  • CREATES bioanalytical laboratory is a member of the Worldwide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN) proficiency testing program

This provides QA/QC checks on the laboratory quality systems and analytical methods, hence placing us on a competitive platform and network of labs

Research and Collaboration

  • CREATES has a firm commitment to research and collaboration with academic institutes and diagnostic sector. These collaborations continue to pave way for novel techniques and innovation which broaden our range of bioanalytical services
  • Our team has well established links with a progressive and busy academic networks, regularly support doctoral and post-doctoral bioanalytical research within our labs, often leading to publications and presentations at meetings (see publication)
  • Resent collaborations have included a novel assay for simultaneous measurement of metronidazole, hydroxymetronidazole, ceftriaxone and unbound ceftriaxone from plasma samples amongst children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM)- KEMRI- Welcome Trust

CREATES diagnostic/clinical lab works together with Strathmore University medical centre to ensure diagnostic services are offered to patients who are attended to at the facility.  We also support clinical trials by processing samples for different clinical studies from different parts of the country. We are well equipped to perform several lab tests which include:


  1. Liver function tests
  2. Urea Creatinine and electrolytes
  3. Uric acid
  4. Calcium levels
  5. Lipid profile
  6. Blood glucose- Random and Fasting


  1. Full blood count
  2. Haemoglobin check
  3. Sedimentation rate (ESR)
  4. White cell count and differential
  5. Blood grouping
  6. Malaria films and antigen



  1. Routine urinalysis
  2. Faecal microscopy
  3. Faecal adenovirus and rotavirus antigen
  4. Swabs for Gram stain and routine microscopy
  5. Occult blood



  1. H pylori antigen
  2. Brucella test
  3. Widal (typhoid and paratyphoid)
  4. Salmonella antigen
  5. Hepatitis A,B and C screening
  6. HIV test.

The lab is also open to the general public during these hours:

  • Monday to Friday from 8:30 am up to 5:30 pm
  • Saturday from 9 am up to 12:30 pm.